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Monday, December, 2013

Happy Adventure, Eastport Peninsula, Newfoundland

Finding Happiness in Happy Adventure

"When travelling alone, finding comfort and sincerity in a place you stay can be priceless."

As a major traveller I have stayed at everything from a hut in a jungle in Thailand to an invitation-only palace in Italy. Out of everything, the most amazing and memorable stay I’ve ever had was at The Inn at Happy Adventure in Newfoundland.

I was travelling alone to the Eastport Peninsula in Central Newfoundland for the weekend and was staying in a small town called Happy Adventure. I couldn't help but smile as I drove in, only in Newfoundland would a town be called Happy Adventure. The Inn at Happy Adventure was a white two story building that had a quaint, almost fairytale look to it. Two big, heavy, dark wooden doors guarded the entrance and added to the whimsical feel of the place...

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